Bloomington, IL. Stump Removal

bloomington stump removal

Bloomington, IL. Stump Removal: Need a stump removed or Bloomington Stump Grinding done? We can help.

Bloomington Stump Grinding Process: First there is a real tree risk assessment where a seasoned professional will give you a diagnostic report of your tree’s health including its difficulty level and an estimate for its longevity. Should you decide that the tree must and will be removed then the tree experts at Bloomington Tree Service will remove the tree and grind and chip the wood. 

The stump must then be removed completely. Removing a stump is a very labor intensive job requiring powerful equipment. It takes years of training and expertise to correctly operate this kind of powerful machinery to complete this particular task on your behalf. We always use a machine that can remove a stump from the ground including the roots. Oftentimes the old roots are buried extremely deep and powerfully to the ground and require heavy duty equipment and machinery to remove and that is exactly what we do. Once we have removed and safely taken out of the ground then you must have it disposed of properly. That is where the stump grinding service from Bloomington Tree Service becomes a necessity. 

The stump is often made of a more rigid, tougher and thicker wood than the rest of the tree or its connecting branches . This means for you that a simple wood chipper will not suffice to safely and effectively dispose of the stump in its entirety.